Design, Implement and Scale Initiatives

Organisations delivering community-transforming work can spend precious time and resources finding and applying the right approaches. Many are re-inventing the wheel, duplicating effort and overlooking existing knowledge. Particularly through our representation of Spring Impact, we use a combination of successful and tested commercial and social principles to help organisations design and deliver the right methods for tackling specific social problems on a larger scale.

Build best practice based on evidence.

Atmiyata’s preparation to scale up as a sustainable model

Atmiyata is a mental health program that has been running since 2013 in 41 villages of the rural state of Maharashtra, India.

Community mental health services for flood-affected communities in Pakistan

BasicNeeds managed a project for organisations working with disaster-affected communities in Pakistan seeking to provide mental health services. The first stage was a training program for 31 participants held in Karachi.

Replicating mental health services in Central America

As representatives of BasicNeeds, we have been pleased to collaborate with ACISAM, the Association for Training and Research for Mental Health, in El Salvador.

Formalising the Rangoonwala Community Centre Model

The Rangoonwala Foundation (India) Trust runs community centres in six locations in Mumbai. Each one is designed to serve a population of 100,000, a huge figure when compared with the modest size and facilities of each centre.