Community Mental Health

Training for Impact

This publication describes the process by which BasicNeeds used its experience of establishing mental health services in tsunami-affected communities in Sri Lanka to create a training model which established new mental health initiatives in other affected locations.

Suicide and Social Media

This report presents the results of a literature review, Internet search, and stakeholder consultation investigating the use of social media in suicide prevention.

Survey of potential partners

The aim of this survey is to identify organisations, groups and projects around the world that, like the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, are working in the space of young people, mental health and wellbeing, technology and research.


Community Works collaborated with StrongMinds to develop a Group Talk Therapy Toolkit.  The toolkit contains information, procedures and training tools that enable facilitators, supervisors, and directors to implement the StrongMinds model.

Towards mental health friendly cities during and after COVID-19

COVID-19 and the resultant stringent control measures have increased social isolation, loneliness, and domestic violence, and generated feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.