Community Works supports organisations and the communities they serve to put their ideas into action

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Develop Strategies and Plans

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Design, Implement and Scale up

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Evaluate and Learn

COMMUNITY WORKS is a creative company working for evidence-based social development

Develop Strategies

Build plans for the future based on assets, gaps, opportunities and community.

Design, Implement and Scale Initiatives

Build best practice based on evidence.


Build expertise by engaging communities to generate better projects and services.

Manage Conflict

Build skills and structures to engage with conflict effectively and productively.


Build communities of practice by sharing experience visually, creatively and powerfully.

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San Isidro; diversity and organisation

Carolina and Steve were invited to meet with people of San Isidro, a community in the Cauca Valley, Colombia. The purpose was to understand their achievements and priorities. In this way, we would also gain an appreciation of their work with Ecofuturo, who facilitated...

Some reflections on mental health for World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day. My mother was not a refugee, but she wanted to be. My mother was not a refugee, but she wanted to be. Her family applied for protection visas to escape the war unfolding all around them in Europe, but by the time they gained entry to the United...

The complex mosaic of health promotion

World Tobacco Day Tobacco smoking is a major contributor to cancers and respiratory diseases, but also has an impact on cardiovascular health of people worldwide. It is a key risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular...

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