Community Works is an innovative consulting group that exists to help community sector organisations achieve the best results for the individuals, families and communities they serve.

We have developed services that respond to requests we receive. Below is a summary of the full range of planning, management, research and training services we offer to organisations, especially through long-term partnerships and specific consulting assignments.

Capacity Development


Project Design, Evaluation and Impact Assessment



Research and Communication

Leadership for Social Development

Working with the Northern Rivers Social Development Council, Community Works offers a series of half-day training sessions on Leadership for Social Development.

International Centre For Social Franchising In Australia

Helping successful organisations to scale up. There are numerous social and community organisations whose success has been evaluated and proven.

More Effective Organisations

Community Works is a small company dedicated to supporting organisations that work in challenging community and development settings.

Community Mental Health

Community Works represents BasicNeeds in Australia. We are delighted to be partners to the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre and to enjoy ongoing collaboration with Orygen

Improving Services

Organisations are frequently seeking to improve the services they offer. Areas of focus for improvement include

The Community Works team is highly experienced in designing and conducting evaluations. We are often asked to advise on approaches to evaluating complex projects and programs.

Much of the work we do on project design starts with an organisation seeking to address a problem or meet a need. Shortcomings in services are a good example

How can effective community engagement best be achieved? What is a sensible starting point for a development project?

Cross-sector Collaboratory

A major challenge for civil society organisations in many countries is that they often work in a way that is isolated from closer engagement with other sectors.

A bugbear of organisational life is the meeting or workshop that doesn’t live up to its promise. The most successful events of this kind in which we have been involved have followed some key principles.

Backroad Development

How can effective community engagement best be achieved? What is a sensible starting point for a development project?

Research for Improved Outcomes

Community Works has a strong commitment to and belief in the value of research for improving development practice and results

Development Communication and Publications

Formalising and documenting good practice is fundamental to effective organisations. We often work with partners and clients to help them work out exactly what works best for them.