Cross-sector Collaboratory

Challenges for civil society organisations


A major challenge for civil society organisations in many countries is that they often work in a way that is isolated from closer engagement with other sectors. This problem applies to the public and private sectors and to civil society.

There is growing interest in the potential for improved coordination between the three sectors of government, the private sector and civil society to achieve better outcomes for economic, social and human development. While some of the obstacles to better coordination are long-standing and have their roots in political and cultural separation between the three sectors, others are amenable to change if skills and knowledge in civil society organisations was to be enhanced. An example is the work that QUT has done, with our involvement, on capacity-building in the mining sector (as shown in the image).

Community Works collaborates with community organisations, government and the private sector. As a result, we have developed insights and knowledge on how cross-sector collaboration can be most effective. We are working on the Cross-sector Collaboratory as a means of supporting people wishing to know more. The Collboratory offers:

  • Access to advice and strategies
  • Support for bringing together companies and communities wishing to work together under corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Exploratory workshops
  • Participatory training programs

This initiative is ground-breaking in that it will build leadership and knowledge in cross-sector collaboration in Australia, Asia and Latin America.