Latin America

Paraguay Working Together

In 2009, the Government of Paraguay established ‘Paraguay for Everyone’; a social development policy entitled that seeks to achieve goals in human development and social inclusion. In particular, the policy aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of Government social services

Development Challenges in Rural and Remote Regions: Parallels Between Australia and Latin America

Development issues in Latin America are often considered unchartered territory for agencies in Australia. The barriers of language and culture are demanding. The diversity of political and economic factors makes for a challenging development sector. But overlaps in the experience of development initiatives on the two continents is much greater than commonly understood. This article provides an introduction to some areas of common ground.

The development of social enterprise in Australia and Latin America

This publication documents the ndings of an action research program entitled ‘Developing Social Enterprise Models for Latin America’ that brought together twenty representatives of civil society organisations from seven Latin American countries to meet with social entrepreneurs in urban and remote Australia.