Management coaching and strategic advice

Management coaching and strategic advice for Enterprise Learning projects

Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP)

Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) works in partnership with remote Aboriginal communities to create opportunities for people to achieve their aspirations for economic participation. ELP specialises in the design and facilitation of microenterprise projects that enable people to experience the process involved in turning an idea into an income generating enterprise.

Steve Fisher of Community Works has been an advisor and coach to the Director of ELP, Laura Egan, since November 2010. The objectives of this work are to support the management and development of ELP as a start-up organisation, including the growth of its volume of work, impact and reach. Steve is considered part of the ELP team and assists with strategic planning, management support and the development of new projects and programs.

Microenterprise is a neglected subject in remote Australia. In locations where the options available for work are often limited, its role in helping people develop skills, pursue their passions and interests and generate income is an important one. ELP responds to the growing interest in microenterprise from community residents, Aboriginal organisations and government agencies.