Developing and implementing a strategy for the expansion of the Amani Institute

The Amani Institute was established in 2011 as a means of responding to the widely recognised shortage of leaders in the social sector and the growing desire of people around the world to make a greater social impact through their chosen careers. The organisation developed programs in Kenya, Brazil and India, conducting training programs with individuals and organisations across a range of sectors that have reached more than 10,000 changemakers. Thousands more people have participated in Amani events on 21st century careers, the future of work and social innovation.

The founders of the Amani Institute contacted Spring Impact for an initial discussion on future directions for the organisation. This work led to Community Works working on behalf of Spring Impact with Amani over a period of more than two years, during which time we assisted in:

  • An impact study based around interviews with key stakeholders, especially from the network of Amani Fellows, on their experience with and perspectives on Amani
  • Research on directions that similar organisations have taken after their initial seven years of operation
  • Exploration of a range of strategies for growth and scaling of the organisation
  • Contributions to a new Strategic Plan for the Amani Institute
  • Development of a social licensing model, and associated documentation, that was prototyped over a ten-month period with the existing three offices
  • Advice and support to the new Chief Executive of the organisation, who succeeded the founders, especially during the implementation phase of the licensing model
  • Facilitation of online discussions of the Senior Leadership Team of Amani as part of a review of the social licensing model
  • Facilitation of a leadership retreat for the organisation held in Egypt.

We anticipate that the relationship with the Amani Institute will continue into a further phase of work. The organisation continues to implement its growth strategy and is stepping up the scaling of its work to achieve even greater impact over the next six years.