Daniela Pickering

Program Manager

Daniela is a Sociologist from the Alberto Hurtado University with a Diploma in Socio-Environmental Management from the University of Chile and a Master’s degree in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne. With over 10 years of experience, she excels as a community development and engagement professional, fostering effective engagement processes and sustainable relationships among local, state government, and private sector organisations in both Chile and Australia.

Dani’s areas of expertise include community development, stakeholder analysis and engagement, group facilitation, impact assessment, and participatory monitoring. Daniela has worked extensively with clients from diverse sectors, including the private sector, NGOs, and local government. Additionally, she has collaborated with various community stakeholder groups, such as migrants, Indigenous communities, and both rural and urban populations.

Driven by her passion for promoting inclusivity and collaboration among diverse groups, Daniela brings her wealth of professional experience to gain a deep understanding of people, contexts, needs, and interests. Her expertise in community development, stakeholder engagement, and impact assessment allows her to contribute valuable insights to our projects. With a focus on fostering understanding and cooperation, Daniela is dedicated to creating positive change and meaningful outcomes for individuals and communities.