Daniela Pickering

Daniela Pickering

Project Development Associate

Daniela is a Sociologist from the Alberto Hurtado University with a Diploma in Socio-Environmental Management from the University of Chile and a Master in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is a thriving community development and engagement professional with over 10 years’ experience promoting effective engagement processes and sustainable relations among local, state government and private sector organisations, throughout Chile and Australia.

Daniela specialises in community development, stakeholder analysis and engagement, group facilitation, socio-environmental impact assessment and participatory environmental monitoring.

Daniela has vast experience working for a wide range of clients from the private sector, NGOs, and local government. She has also worked with diverse groups of community stakeholders such as migrants, Indigenous, rural and urban communities.

Daniela is passionate about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of traditional/local communities and the idea of recognition, cooperation, and coexistence of different mindsets. She brings to our projects her professional experience in understanding people, contexts, need and interest.