Community Works - Partners in Development

Community Works is an innovative company that works in social, community and economic development. Our specialisms include:

Capacity development, especially designing and running training courses on a range of subjects. An example are the courses we offer on good practice in community engagement.

Project design, evaluation and impact assessment, measuring the outcomes of projects to enable organisations to learn from the experience.

Facilitation, especially designing and managing complex workshops and seminars. Recent examples have focussed on gatherings of water and sanitation specialists from twenty countries and the development of mental health programs over a twelve-month period.

Research and communication on development topics, recent examples being community outcomes from mining and approaches to reducing conflict within and between communities.

Featured Projects

Bead for Life

Through the International Centre for Social Franchising, we have been assisting Bead for Life in Uganda to scale up their successful Street Business School for women entrepreneurs. The prospect of the organisation reaching many more women in Uganda and potentially other countries is a very exciting one. On average, business training to date had led to an increase in individual income of 50%, as well as many other benefits. More information on the launch event can be found here.

Stronger Communities for Children

Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) supports Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory to build strong, independent lives, where communities, families and children are safe and healthy. It ensures that local people are in control of local decision making, so they have a real say in services and how they are delivered. SCfC is funded through the Australian Federal Government. Community Works is pleased to contribute to Ninti One’s work on the program, especially through facilitation, training and monitoring and measurement. More information on SCfC can be found here

Community Works is pleased to support the Colombian Children’s Foundation

CCF is an Australian non-government organisation which raises funds in Australia for projects implemented by Colombian non-government organisations. These projects reduce the participation of children in the Colombian armed conflict, and enable those children who have been involved in the conflict to lead balanced and productive lives away from it.

The essence of development

At Community Works we love working with groups in training workshops that focus on the challenges of development practice. The whole process of understanding the training needs of participants, developing the course material and spending intensive time with them is endlessly interesting. Many participants ask us for further reflections on the key questions that arise in their work. Find out more about our work.

Our Partners


BasicNeeds is an international development organisation that enables people with mental illness or epilepsy and their families to live and work successfully in their communities. The organisation combines health, socio-economic and community-orientated approaches with support for changes in policy and practice.

Ninti One

Ninti One is an independent, national not-for-profit company that builds opportunities for people in remote Australia through applied on-ground research, innovation and community development.


There are numerous social organisations whose success has been evaluated and proved. Yet frustratingly, the wheel is constantly being reinvented. The International Centre for Social Franchising works with community and social sector organisations to help them to scale up their projects to meet needs.



The term facilitation refers to methods and processes that enable people to collaborate on a given subject, especially where there might be complexity, different perspectives on a topic ...


Through our relationship with the International Centre for Social Franchising, we have been helping organisations wishing to scale-up their work. One such example is a project with ...

Why Choose Us?

We focus on quality and impact

Whether in workshop facilitation, research, advice on strategy, community engagement or any of our other activities, Community Works cares about quality. This means we are precise in our work and detailed in the way we approach situations. Ultimately it is the achievement of positive impact that motivates us, which can only come from quality work.

Complexity is normal for us

Working with uncertainty, diversity and complexity is fundamental to development work. We don’t expect easy answers and we thrive when things are complicated.

We love what we do…

and we relish meeting and working with new people in new situations, even when the going is tough. The whole process of understanding the needs of clients or partners, developing the work and spending intensive time with people is endlessly interesting.

We achieve results

The reason Community Works receives so many requests for follow-on and repeat work is that we do everything we can to achieve the desired result for our partners and clients. Whether a successful workshop, a publication, a piece of analytical work or the delivery of project outputs with a community, a change for the better is our ultimate aim.

We are easy to work with

In fact, this comment is the feedback we receive the most. The reason is that we like to be good listeners, we are flexible to changing circumstances and we are not fussy about our own expectations of the work.